Dule & Panu and the books!

Dule, Panu and the books!


Panu: Dusan Matic, you published a book Goalkeeper in futsal few years ago, why did you decide to do the project?

Dusan: When I started to be a futsal goalkeeper, there wash´t any literature or materials for education. So, when I started with coaching after my career as a keeper I decide to offer my knowledge and experience for the future goalkeepers.

Panu: Besides talking about the basic goalkeeping techniques and tactics, your book emphasises the importance of the mental toughness in futsal goalkeeping. Was it obvious from the very beginning that you would choose this approach in your book?

Dusan: In any sport most athletes have technique, tactics and physical preparation, but mental strength is what makes the difference between athletes. If we look for example alpine skiing: many skiers have the result within half a second behind the champion, but still the same skiers win medals. So, the it´s kind of same thing with the goalies: the best ones are always ready when their team needs because they are able to be perfect mental prepared. Mental strenght makes a difference between good and the best goalkeepers!

Panu: The first edition was written in your native language in Serbian, right? FUTSALISTA -project is having same kind of thoughts of making an English edition. Was it easy for you to make the English edition later and did you changed something for the English version?

Dusan: This was the normal course of events in my case, and I recommend that you get FUTSALISTA an English version. The essence of the book is not changed.

Panu: What kind of feedback you´ve received from the goalkeepers who have read your book?

Dusan: People in futsal around the world are eager to professional literature. Feedback has been excellent, and I am especially proud of the comments of the top goalkeepers and coaches. Many of them are already asking me when I will write the next book …

Panu: In FUTSALISTA there is a chapter about the increasing similarities between futsal and today´s top football. What do you think the football goalkeepers can learn from your book and from the futsal goalkeeping in general?

Dusan: Football goalies mostly can help a part of mental preparation, and certainly some technical and tactical elements from futsal goalkeeping could help them … some goalkeepers in football are already starting to use some elements of futsalgoalkeepers.

Panu: What kind of other projects do you have related to futsal, goalkeeping and coaching?

Dusan: Besides working as a goalkeeping coach in Finnish national team, I’m also working as an instructor for coaches and goalkeepers in Futsal. Next big future plans are my DVD with exercises for goalkeepers and to work on the next book.

Panu: You have worked with Mico Martic in the Finnish national team since the beginning of 2013. Where do you see the biggest improvements in the team?

Dusan: Mico Martic is a great man and coach. It is my honor and privilege above all that he chose me to be his assistant in the coaching staff. He has managed to convince the players that we can play top futsal. He is the creator of the fantastic atmosphere in the team and the players trust him. He is a real MISTER!

Panu: What about goalkeeping in the Finnish national team? What do you think the guys have learnt from you most?

Dusan: During our joint work they have realized that the commitment and the importance of good mental preparation before the game is crucial. Besides that we have a great relationship and communication, and they know that they can always count on my support. I am proud of my boys!

Panu: By ranking Finland is the 4th and the last team after Poland, Belorussia and Italy in our Main Round qualification group for the UEFA Futsal EURO. How do you see the possibilities of our team go forward?

Dusan: Nobody plays qualifications to fall out! We are aware of our nominal positions, but if we play 100% concentrated everything is possible. Our dream is EURO 2016 and we believe in our dream!

Panu: The UEFA Futsal EURO 2016 tournament will be played in your hometown in Belgrade, what kind of event do you expect? And who will be the best goalkeeper of the tournament?

Dusan: I expect a spectacle in front of 20,000 spectators! It will be a great futsal event. And regarding the best goalkeeper on EURO 2016… I hope this will be a Finnish goalkeeper! 

You can order the FUTSALISTA & Goalkeeper in futsal together from Holvi for 59 euros.

You can order the FUTSALISTA & Goalkeeper in futsal together from Holvi for 59 euros.


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